Clean Rhino 6 Reinstall?

Hi, I’ve been having an ongoing problem with my toolbars not remembering their place, and yesterday also I tried installing ScanNSolve with no luck.

This led me to believe that a clean reinstall might help, but when I uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino, it was exactly the same as before.

What do I need to do to wipe any Rhino prefs so I can get a clean start? Seems like there might be some registry key deletion in my future?

Also, Is there a way or a script yet, to backup all my settings before I do this?


once you unistall any program you have to clean the registry or use a tool to look up for any leftover file of the program. I often use CCleaner for the registry and IObitUnistaller to remove any other file related to the program

Hello - what error messages do you see from installing S&S?


No errors at all from the S&S installer. But also in Rhino there are no new menus, toolbars, commands.

Check Options > Plug-ins page and look for the Scan and Solve plug-in - assuming it is there, make sure it is enabled (Check box) and then right-click and choose ‘Load plug-in’.

It may not hurt as well, to close all Rhinos and then right click on the Rhino icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’ once, then go back to normal starting.


No plug-in shows up either.

Did you try running as administrator?


Yes, just tried it. Nothing new to report.

One last thing to try is to go to that plug-ins page and click Install and then navigate to the S&S installation and find the plug-in (rhp) file there…


Ok now I have SnSPro, thank you.

For the toolbar problem, this is the same thing we tried to fix months ago:

Any new ideas?

Did you have multiple Rhinos running when you loaded SnS?
The last Rhino back in the barn writes it’s settings.

On rare occasions, I’ve seen running Rhino As Administrator when setting toolbars, then closing gets them to stick. That shouldn’t be required but we can’t control how systems have been fiddled with.