Clayoo Opinions?

So I’ve read every Clayoo post on this forum and others but many were written pre t-spline support discontinuation. I wanted to see what a fresh topic could scratch up as I’m on the verge of buying it.

I’m a freelance drafter and digital fabricator but some of my best jobs of late have been renderings for interior design, my client wants to see what several dozen different expensive furniture pieces look like in any given space and I have to model them quickly off photos and very limited measurements, it’s a lot of visual tweaking.

Clayoo, if I can overcome the apparent learning curve, looks like a good tool for that sort of work, how does anyone else feel about it?

I’d give you the same advice I always give to everyone. And the one that has worked for us in how we make this decision. We buy nothing before we try it. And we decide how long we need to try it, but also being fair to the vendor. In our experience is takes about 3 moths to know if something is worth buying. I rarely had issues with a vendor not extending their 30aday trials to 60 or 90 days. In the rare cases that I did it helped me learn that they either were jerks or that their product would not survive the trial period because it wasn’t good.

So try and find out. What works for some is terrible for others. We all have different standards and needs. In this particular case I’d be careful with stability and its impact in your business based on what I read.