Clayoo DotNet Error Windows 11 ARM

I have been using Matrixgold with Clayoo for about a year on the M1 and M1 Pro Mac via parallels and Windows 10/11 ARM.

Since about a month ago it stopped working with a DotNet Error. I am liaising with Parallels and I have posted this on the Matrixgold forum to no avail. I have bought a new Mac Studio and I cannot use my Macs at all as the program stopped working. Could you please assist? I know that it is not supported but it worked just fine…
Many thanks

That’s always the problem with ‘unsupported’ workflows - they might work fine for a while, but sometimes it only takes one small change somewhere to break them.

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Also Rhino 6.5 is old. Rhino 6 has had 30 service releases since, and Rhino 7 is at service release 18 already.

Hi @lupinaro,

Please contact Gemvision.

– Dale

Even so it looks like Rhino_DotNet of Rhino 6.5 is attempted to load as per your screenshots.

Hi Dale

I posted it on their forum. One of the techs did read it. Hope it gets fixed…