Classification of imported file


I would like to ask is there is a way to classify imported objects in DXF file. I want to import mesh objects in one file containing for instance Glass and Metal object. How to find out which is which? For sure this is a simplified task, in real scenario here are more options.

As far as I know, colours, layers, doesn’t work, so trying to find any workaround.

SDGeometryInput supports object colours and you can sort imported objects if you colour code them.

Also make sure you convert surfaces to meshes in the DXF export settings.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply. I entirely miss that option. Hope that could help others in the case.

Greeting to Vienna :wink:

Does it possible to import any external 3D model supporting UV mapping, material colours, divided meshes?

In my test:
DXF – support materials, divided meshes but not UV mapping
OBJ – support UV mapping but not materials and meshes are joined into one.

Workaround with DXF and parametric “HUMAN texture mapping” plugin is possible but preferable is to prepare it offline.

Yes, you guessed it right, to import DXF and then apply texture mapping is a good solution. You need to create a SDMaterial for rendering anyway so it’s practical to have mapping in Grasshopper too.

Although we recommend to create objects parametrically, you could also mesh and texture map some static objects in Rhino and then internalise them as meshes in the definition. This would make the model heavier but it might work, just test it and see.

Thank you for your reply. I am unable to include all geometries in a single GH file since size restriction. I will try to develop a smart mapping definition.

Anyway, voting for adding better UV support into SD.