Class for injecting control directly into viewport?

Is there an exposed class for adding buttons, sliders etc directly into a viewport?

I can do it externally with a win32control wrapper, but transferring info is messy and exiting is messy as well.

No. There’s nothing like that built into Rhino.

Thanks. this works, messy because rhino window hierarchy may not alwasy have perspective at main.child0.child0, that caught me a bit, had to run plugin from rhino after setting the correct views then call the external injector. passing parameters is … interesting… as silly as it might sound the best I found so far is to write to a text file and both apps delegate any change in it to monitor. but succesfully added some sliders directyl to perspective viewport and can control roll and zoom from them just as an example.

adding the ability to have these kinds of toolbars (like grasshopper ones for example) directly in rhino would be nice.