Cladding Script

I am currently working on a project at work to create a script to save time with dimensioning for the exterior cladding for the pods we create. I need a script to dimension out metal cladding for the pod’s facade. The script needs to take into consideration parameters such as the cladding needs to hug the edges of the windows. The spacing of the cladding should be around 350mm wide but varies depending on the windows. I’ve provided a few images to try and explain what I’m talking about. I tried creating a script using points, lines, and a bounding box however I couldn’t figure it out (I’m still reasonably inexperienced with grasshopper). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Pod Example File.3dm (1.1 MB)
Pod Example File Rhino 7.3dm (380.0 KB)

Also forgot to mention the red circles are the dimensions of the cladding. Also want to mention that any help is appreciated, I hate asking people for help but I can’t seem to figure this out.

Hi, maybe this could be a good starting point

I have used a simplified sheet metal profile for this example (33.8 KB)

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