CL3VER 3.0 released

Palo Alto, 11th March 2015 – CL3VER, the cloud based platform for interactive 3D presentations, releases CL3VER 3.0, the new generation of the platform dedicated to engineers, architects, and other design professionals. 3.0 a much improved version of the CL3VER platform that includes WebGL GPU-based real-time lightmap technology, V-ray material support and a new scene sharing system that will speed up the production workflow for cross platform interactive 3D presentations.

Download the The Rhino to CL3VER 3.0 plugin from food4Rhino…

Posted Mar 12, 2015 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.

That seems pretty, uh… clever.

I’d love to have something like that but much simpler, and integrated into rhino for design reviews with a team who also uses Rhino.

Something like a named view with associated layerstate and displaymode, with notations or dims per view, that could be saved along with the file. The views could be listed in a tab, and then the reviewer could click through the different views to easily see what’s being shown.

Possible, Bob? Is this something I could even create myself as a Rhino plug-in if I was a clever (sorry) programmer?