Circles along curve flip starting point


I made a NURBS curve from points and divided that curve. Then I make circles on planes based on the points from the divide component and “tangent” from the divide component. When I move around points making the initial curve, the ends of circles jump between one vertical plane (xz) and another (yz).

Looks like the “tangent” vectors might be impacting the plane orientation. Please advise how to keep them “locked”. Later on, I want to divide the circles and rotate (twist), so it’s important for me, that all circles have a starting point from the same direction. (9.4 KB)



Hi, just try to adjust the seams with one of the reference circles.
something like the example.
or keep the points you are using on the front axis

It is better to use Perpendicular Frames ↓ (9.7 KB)

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Thanks! The closest point solution works, but it’s kind of a fix and I’m curious if there is something more reliable.

Interestingly, I tried the perpendicular frames and the effect is the same. I’m still curious how do circles pick the starting point as it seems to be a pattern here, depending on the angle of the plane.


not need to do that, the planes are already aligned just use the other component

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Sweet! That works perfectly, you made my self-isolation tonight more bearable :wink:

Thanks and stay safe!

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