Circle vanishes in circle tan tan rad,,, survey...who else gets this happen often?

Is it just me or do others get circle vanishing in circle tan to two lines,

run command, select first line, select second, enter radius number hit enter and circle vanishes.

If I instead select first line, then enter radius value and hit enter then select second line, circle appears !


That will happen if the radius is too large or two small to fit a circle - I guess there could be better feedback.


Hi, you mean the lines end before the circle would be placed. ?

I make sure the lines are beyond where it would form though.

This happens more times than I care to remember, maybe 80% of the time.

hence asking do others get this happen, Its bugged me through V4 and still it happens.

yet if I do method 2 click, enter rad number click, circle forms. why ?

from Rhino or from where ?
not sure what you mean.


The circle is made, but I bet it is not tangent to the second curve, right?


The curves today were L shape, they met at their corner, only by using my method2 could I draw the circles.

I have moved on since then else would post the curves, even if base line is ortho on x axis and upright leans fwd a little, circle should still form, only by projecting the curves to cplane can I win with this command. it needs both curves planar in the ortho view I am working in.

do others get problems with this command…anyone ? Its in my blackbook along with booleans.