Circle resolution of cylinder changes after boolean union

I have a bunch of extruded circles / cylinders and I merge a group of them with another shape. The resolution of the curve changes a lot with this operation. Can anyone tell me what causes this?

Hi -

I’m not sure what you mean by “merging a group with another shape”. And the resolution of curves aren’t changed. What you are seeing is the meshing of objects. Please see Rhino Mesh Settings [McNeel Wiki] for more information.

Thanks for the answer. I still don’t quite understand though.
What I meant is I have a group of cylinders (closed polysurfaces) that I merge with another closed polysurface via boolean union. That results in another closed polysurface. How is that connected to meshing?
Addon: Circle resolution isn’t the right word: the curve of the cylinder changes, as in it’s not round anymore.

Hi -

I suppose I should/could have linked to the page that is the first link from the page that I sent above - Rhino Mesh Settings - Detailed Info [McNeel Wiki]
The very short version: In Rhino, you need meshes to be able to see surface.

Well, as you see in your picture, the edges of the cylinder surfaces are still round - the display mesh of the surfaces is jagged.

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