Circle perpendicular on mesh face

Hey there,
I want to draw a circle perpendicular to this mesh face. I tried some components but I didn’t get the desired result.
Please download .GH file and see the sketch for the reference.


Circle on mesh (30.0 KB)

If this can be of any help…

Circle on mesh (33.4 KB)

or gain more control via rotation around normals…

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Hey @Jakinta.
Thanks for response.
I dont want to have circles on the mesh tangentially. I want it to be like projected on each isosurface.

Hello could you be more clear, because
Perpandicularity work with 2 vectors :

  • A quad face like yours has no perpandicular direction but an infinity of perpandicular directions as it is not flat. What is the vector of the face ? Jakinta choose the middle {0.5,0.5,0}
  • What is the vector of a circle ? Its axe of symetry ? So you want the circle to be flat (a circle) or projected (no more a circle) …

These are the circles projected onto the individual mesh faces. Projecting curves to a mesh doesn’t seem to be available in Grasshopper (?), but it is in rhinocommon. I thus implemented it through a brief GHPython script.
Be warned though, the resulting circular curves aren’t planar anymore (because your mesh faces aren’t either).

If this still isn’t what you want, I’d recommend you to add a sketch/diagram to your above post to clear things up!

Circle on mesh (14.6 KB)

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Thanks for the help.
That’s how I want it. :blush:

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