Circle packing with multiple curve attractors on Mesh


I am trying to get a curve attractor circle packing effect on a mesh with multiple curves. With one curve it works good, however I want a similar effect that is on the front but on the back as well, but having the sides white.

However, with 2 curves it seems not to work very well on at least one side, either the large circles does not pack properly or the small ones do not get dense enough.

Is there any more adjustments that need to be made in order for the circles to pack well around the mesh with multiple curves?


multiple curve (333.5 KB)

Interesting garment!

It looks the issue here is just with the circle scaling of the output.
Sometimes for circle packing, I have found that to get a good distribution, it can help to size the circles so that they overlap very slightly in the simulation, then scale them back down in the output to remove the overlap.

The example definition I shared had a slider for this scaling. If this overlap for the packing is taken too far though, it can result in gaps which don’t correspond properly to the circle sizes. In the attached definition I’ve highlighted 2 sliders - one to multiply the circle sizes for the actual packing in Kangaroo, and one for scaling down the circles in the result. Here it seems to work best with very little or no scaling down of the output, and just adjust the multiplier for the packing until they are all touching but not overlapping.
multiple curve (331.8 KB)


Thank you so much! Works a hundred times better with your adjustments! Many many thanks