Circle Packing Perforations

Thanks for that, oh patron saint of circle packing! It was the collisions I was really struggling with, how they would break the boundary under pressure. Which you solved.

I’ve been using this for a variety of projects, as an aesthetically pleasing way to remove some weight without loosing structure. I’ve got the adding and removing circles part down, it was just loosing circles that kills me, I’ll often include in a number of fixed radii within the randos for installation points, hidden plug welds or spacers. Just defeats the purpose when they would pop out and I’d have to re-arrange them in manually. Using the grab tool would usually break the boundary as well.

Is the need to constantly reset an unfortunate necessity for collision based packing? Like how changing the offset value or removing circles without resetting after muddles it up with duplicates?


@Joseph_Oster Sorry about that, figures my definition would have eccentricities. I’m still in the “Frankenstein shit together and see if it works” stage of learning Grasshopper.