Circle Mapping in door area

Hello All,

I want to create a series of circles which should projected in the 3d surface. It has to be perpendicular to the surface and it should distributed evenly. I converted the surfaces in to mesh and made a surface but I am not quit satisfied with the distribution. Can you please help me in this topic?

Door circles holes.3dm (217.6 KB)
Door circles (15.3 KB)


Hi @Arni ,

Can you please elaborate on what you are looking to achieve regarding the distribution?

I have created this hole structure in simple surface. (I mapped the holes in to the surface) it was fine then I want to follow the same strategy with the attached file surface. I can’t make single surface. because of this difficult profile. I have created the surfaces from the mesh but doesn’t know how to make single surface out of it? If you have other strategy or method please let me know.

For this kind of shape ShapeMap is good.

Door circles holes shape (81.7 KB)

And if you want square use that and put the line0 following a border


Hi @laurent_delrieu

Thank you so much for your idea. It looks amazing. as mentioned earlier that I have made Circle distribution model from a sample Model. I want to measure the area of the surface and Height and width of the wrap area so they can cut the fabric as per the dimensions. For that I need to make a single surface. Is there any possibilities to make the brep model in single surface?
I have attached the rhino and gh file for your reference. Thanks in advance!
Sample Circle distribution data.3dm (712.0 KB)
Sample Circle distribution (30.6 KB)

As you Brep is quite simple you can rebuild a surface. First Extrude the base curve and make a surface then project point on the brep and then rebuild the surface.

Not perfect but better

There are surely tools in Rhino to do that. (110.4 KB)

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Hi @laurent_delrieu

I am looking for a solution in the Door Surface not this model. I have found area and other details for this model.
I want to make circle distribution in the door with the Area, Height and Width details

I don’t understand what you are asking. You said that
" For that I need to make a single surface. Is there any possibilities to make the brep model in single surface?" and you show that

So I let someone else answering to your questions.

Hi @laurent_delrieu ,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I supposed to mention the image as reference image. I want to make a Single surface out of Door model which you did it in ShapeMap plugin.