Chromodoris minus charge


Hey :smiley:
I am trying to put a negative charge on points, but I cannot let it work.
Do you might know what I am doing wrong?
Thank you for your response :smiley: (22.9 KB)

Checkout Dendro plugin. Chromodoris is good but Dendro is comparatively faster. Also has well documented examples.

It does not work for me, dendro. I only get invalid meshes with my larger geometries.

Do you know how get a negative charge in Chromodoris?
Chromodoris is fast and smooth.

But maybe I should just use Cocoon; or maybe Dendro; but Chromodoris is faster

Dendro is fastest of all. I have tried all three plugins. Give a try

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I also have often invalid mesh with Dendro, there are no miracle but settings can cure (size, iso value and adativity to 0).

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Hey @ForestOwl, it looks like you need to turn on Density sampling to get the total sum of values (positive and negative) - by default only the closest value is being sampled.