Chrome freezing Rhino?

So I occasionally notice, usually when switching to Rhino but sometimes not, a strange lockup where Task Manager shows zero Rhino activity, it’s not that it’s busy “working.” It sees like there is a correlation with having YouTube on, and most often when my terrible Internet connection is having trouble keeping up. Is that plausible?

Hi Jim,
there are some other reports of the internet connection getting in the way of Rhino but that is not something that we have been able to reproduce. If you can get more details on this, that might help.

Hi Jim,
I am WAY out of my depth to even suggest this - but all I know is it worked for me and worked consistently, so here goes…when you get the freeze just disconnect from the internet. Pull the cable, turn off WiFi whatever it takes but make sure there is no path. Maybe this worked for me because of filtering on the lines here in China…but maybe not. One way to find out. Hope you can find something that works for you quickly.

Yeah I don’t know if I’ve seen reports of anything like this? It’s not like Rhino trying and failing to connect on startup it’s just switching back to Rhino while watching YouTube while pretending to work, and it seems to be when my terrible Internet connection slows down, YouTube starts sputtering, so…I might as well do some actual work, and…Rhino’s locked up for a few seconds, sometimes so long that I go kill the Chrome processes and it’s fine.

Hi Jim - “a few seconds” - is that getting closer to a minute or so? It seems like you have enough time to go to the task manager and check status / kill processes. I’m just wondering if killing the Chrome process helps in this case or if doing that and then going back to Rhino takes about the time that the freeze would have passed by itself.

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I had repeating moments of non responsiveness, 10 seconds or so frozen, activate one command, freeze, repeat.
Uninstalling the Windows10 update KB4489899 fixed it. I don’t know what part broke it, but that update corresponded with the start of my problems. In its notes it mentions some graphics updated to fix problems in some games. YMMV. I’d like to have the security updates if somebody knows how to fix the problem post update.