Choosing an iPad [GH learning on the road]

I would love some quick advice on which iPad to buy…

[I’m traveling and unlikely to have a long term home in the foreseeable future.]

One of the main reasons for considering a iPad is to use it as a second screen to make the process of learning GH less crowded [having to constantly shift from Rhino to GH to the tutorial page on the MacBook Pro is not so great]

I’m now considering between the small and the large iPad Pro [the new M2 one]
thinking to save on the memory and get just 256GB.

Not sure if to also buy the pen ? I have a wacom tablet and mostly use the wacom pen instead of the mouse so it seems strange to have 2 different pens.

Other potential uses for the iPad is of course iRhino and perhaps lidar scans
along with the regular use while navigating travel in diffident countries…

there’s a 300$ cost difference. Is it really important to spend the extra on the larger model ?
thanks a lot