Choose only 2 points next to each other on curve

Hi all,

I have a curve divided into 12 points.
I am trying to dispatch only 2 points which are next to each other at a time and connect them with a line.Choose 2 points next to each other on (4.6 KB)

Would anyone have an idea how to achieve that?


Like this?
Choose 2 points next to each other on (8.8 KB)

you can use shift list (7.3 KB)

Yes, almost! It seems to choose all lines between all points when I do what you showed on the image.

Basically I am trying to create a vertical plane which moves around the curve and grows in height as the cylinder in the centre of the curve. Like on the attached sketch.

I thought that I can start with finding points on curve and selecting two next to each other. Then moving them up to create a surface. And then move the points higher around the curve to extend that surface. Surface is to act like a window observing the cylider when it gets taller.

IMG_2098.HEIC.pdf (11.5 MB)

file updated ; you can choose two points

Thank you!
Would you have any tips of how to achieve what I have described on the sketch in my previous message?
That would be very helpful!
I am quite new to the software and don’t fully know it yet.

you mean something like circular stair steps?

IMG_2099.HEIC.pdf (11.1 MB)

More like this;
like a surface which moves around the curve and grows in height - responding to growing cylider;

I have managed to do this till now
surface around cylinder.3dm (2.4 MB)
surface around (22.7 KB)

but the surface was made of two random points on the curvae and I wanted to have a specific ones. Now I just need to get it to move around the cylinder along the curve and grow in height. If that makes sense?
I hope a sketch helps!

if you want this so the first definition help you better

That’s fantastic!
Do you know how to make the height of the surface depend on the height of the cylinder? in increments how you did that already?

check this; the height of cylinder changed depend on the highest height of rectangles; and always there are many ways try to find them to learn better (11.7 KB)

if you want the height of surfaces change depend on the height of cylinder do this:

That’s great thank you! Would there be a way only to view surfaces which are to the height of the cylinder? so they all not surround it along the curve?
I don’t know if that makes sense, but basically like at the sketch which I attached before.
Thank you for your help, I hope I’m not asking too many questions!

one surface only have the same height as the cylinder
if you want that you need to extrude just one line