Choose a singel element form many

I have a question. Is it possible that beamview only shows a singel element. I defined all parts of my stellhall: Stuetzten links, Stuetzten rechts, Traeger links, etc. I know that it is possible that beamview shows only parts of the entire stellhall, like Stuetzten links. But is it now possible that it only shows on Element of the entier list of Elements.
I want that my programm only shows one Stuetze links.
I hope it is clear what I ment…Stahlhalle (919.4 KB)

Hi @linarda, i am not sure what you mean, but if are trying to see the BeamView for a specific element, you can use the Index - each element has a specific index which you can call. Alternatively you can also define a brep to call the elements

thanks. that is exactly what I ment.