Chocolatey Package

Hi @brian, we’re currently restructuring our office deployment/update system and will use the popular windows package manager chocolatey.
You might consider publishing your stable releases as packages on the official repo?
We could of course write our own automation for package creation, if you provide a REST API endpoint. Or parse pages like but if you’re willed to provide this solution it’ll save me some time :wink:
Best Florian

Hi Florian,

There are so many ways to deploy Rhino it’s hard to keep straight. I hear most commonly about Microsoft SCCM; this is the second time in my life I’ve heard about chocolatey.

What does it take to turn our EXE installer into a chocolatey package?

Hey @brian,
i know there is so much out there. Chocolatey’s package provider lists a lot of packages already and keeps the amount of time we have to spend on developing scripts / automations for the diverse products at a minimum.
Here is a simple example how to put the exe installer into a nugetpackage for chocolatey:

A quick comparison / explanation on the different solutions is here:

If you can setup an automation to publish it on chocolatey i’d be happy. If not i’d be happy if you can give me an quick instruction how to check for updates + download location for the latest exe programmatically. I think you have an endpoint, which rhino internally uses to check for updates, so i’ll write an automation myself.

If you open Rhino and click Help > Check for Updates > Check Now, a browser opens to a URL you may be able to use. You can omit the version number to always get a link back with the latest released installer. I hope this helps you package your installer - I’m not going to be able to put much effort into chocolate coating this for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help. I’ll give it a try.

Thx & have a nice day