I’ve tried Ultra Fractal, Mandelbulber, Mandelbulb 3D, Vision of Chaos

I spent 3 hours installing Visions of Chaos because the “Text to Image” stuff looked really cool and I thought the guy said you need a “NVidia tin-aighty” (in his Kiwi/Aussie/SA accent) and I have an NVidia 1050ti so I thought it might be enough. It turns out he said “NVidia 3080”. My first attempt at using VOC returned “Out of Memory”. I managed something the size of a postage stamp with 1 hour of processing!

the price of graphics cards tho! :grimacing:

I would be interested what quality of image (resolution, iterations, etc.) would someone be able to get with high end proffesional pc and graphic card while using Chimpanzee plug-in :thinking:


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Does Chimpanzee automatically take advantage of the graphics card?

Not yet, Chimpanzee 0.4 is rewritten in C# but doesn’t take any advantage of multi-threading or graphic card yet. Chimpanzee is written so it doesn’t require much memory. But I’m open to any suggestions for Chimpanzee 0.5…

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