Chime on completion

Many of my designs can take a long time to run, 10-15 minutes. At the risk of having to change my name to Pavlov Designer, is there a way to chime a bell, or have the machine make a sound, when completed?

This would be useful.

Also sometimes I am unsure if my script is even loading, or if it has crashed. Is there a way to show progress?

there is no way to how progress; David Ruten has explained the theoretical issues behind this in other discussions. That said, if you want to see if it is indeed running, you can go to the windows task manager and see if it is using CPU time. Not elegant, but it works

Hi Markz,
This will ding when it receives a value of True, using the default Windows sound, which may/may not work depending on how your computer system folders are set up.

In any case, you can double click on the component and change the filepath to whatever sound you’d rather use. (2.3 KB)

Thank you, it works!

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