Child moves with its parent but doesn't rotate

By default, the ‘hull’, child of the ‘vessel axis’ move with the ‘vessel axis’ but doesn’t rotate with it.
It looks me strange.

1 Design position:

2 Moving the ‘vessel axis’:

3 Rotating the ‘vessel axis’:

Hiearchy settings are set as default. I have tried to modify them but the hull still refuses to rotate with parent ‘vessel axis’.

The child will rotate with its parent during an animation. But when just placing objects before animation, I think that you should be able to rotate children with their parent.

I tried to reproduce this on my machine, but I’m not able to.

What version (date) of Bongo 2.0 do you have installed? (Type in BongoAbout on the command and you should see what version you have)
Can you please send me a small model showing this problem?

Here is the file:
2014-06-16 Child does not rotate with parent.3dm (92.0 KB)

Hi Marika, Were you able to reproduce it with my file ?


Ok, now I’m able to reproduce it. I missed the last line in your first message.

I’ll inform the developer about this so that we can get it fixed.

On this small example, during animation of the ‘vessel axis’ (rotation or path), the child ‘hull’ follows and rotates as the “vessel axis”.
But on my production file, children don’t rotate with their parent, even during animation. I suppose that these problems are linked so I wait first a solution for the example file. I say “I wait”, but my project is stopped by this issue and I have no more delay. So please …

Would it be possible for you to send me ( the production file so that we could have a look?
I don’t think the problems are related.

just done !

Thank you for the model. I just answered you. You had one of the settings turned off and that’s why the child wasn’t following the parent.

:blush: I did checked the Advanced Hierarchy Settings of the children but not the top parent hierarchy settings. It was not clear for me that I had to check “Inherit settings from parent” in the parent settings so that child will follow parent’s movement. Maybe more info in the help file, an example, would help.
Thanks a lot, Alan

Hear hear!