Checking that none of my solids accidentally intersect

Dear all,

I’ll ask the question first, then give some background about why I’d like to know this.

Given a Rhino model where I arrange multiple solids close together (to send away for 3D printing), is it possible to select all the solids and run a command that is effectively “could you confirm, please, that none of these solids intersect?”

I’ve been using Rhino (Mac) with considerable success over the past three years to produce 3D prints. I use a company whose pricing considers the volume of the “bounding box” for the model. The smaller the volume, the less it costs. My models generally consist around 30-50 smallish solids , so it makes sense to put the solids close to each other (<1mm apart). The problem I have is that after a while of squashing things together I start to wonder if I made any mistakes and made two solids collide without realising it. Obviously two solids overlapping would be no use as they would print like that.

What I’ve been doing so far is to select each solid individually and check whether it intersects with the rest of the model. However, it would be much quicker if I could select the whole model and ask “does anything intersect?”

Thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing what you think.

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Select all objects and run the Intersect command.

Thanks @wim !

That works. I’d been using the menu item Solid, Intersection, which asks for two sets of objects to compare, but just typing the command Intersect does exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again. That will save me a lot of time.

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