Checking Points Inside a Surface/Brep

Hi all,

I have two lists of different surfaces and I am trying to determine if any surfaces are repeated in both lists. For that, I am trying to compare their centroids with little tolerance of 20 cm. I am using Closest Point for Brep to use distance for culling the points.
However, this approach is not working for me. I believe it may be due to flattening or grafting (different list length) and I have tried all possible scenarios but it did not go through.

Could you please have a look and suggest some solution?

Thank you so much! (28.1 KB)

Can anyone please share some insights?

I would identify duplicate points and then find which are within tolerance of each set. Like this: (38.8 KB)

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Thank you so much, Martin. I am able to resolve my issue by following your solution. In fact, I shortened your version just by using the list item after the node “single items” as I aimed to get the non-duplicate surfaces. (45.0 KB)

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