Checking Moment reaction and Displacement along lenght of a beam

Hi everyone

I,m working with GGRhinoSAP2000,

I just want to check Moment reaction and Displacements along the lenght of a simple beam,
at any desired point. I could do it for starting and ending points, but i would like to
make it possible for any other point that I could choose at the beam.
I don´t know if this is possible, I guess it is possible, but it´s very hard for me to
get that results.

Any way to get that results when I move the disered point along the lenght of the beam with
a slide number, from 0 (start point) to total lenght of the beam (end point). This way
I could check reactions at the same time as I move the slide number, I mean as it was interactive way.

Hope you understand me.

I took a look at examples, but I couldn´t do it anyway.



There are a couple of options you can try…

You can use the ggSAPFrameAutoMesh component when defining ggSAPFrameAtts. You will need to define a seperate structural Point in the model and set Automesh at points to true.

Note that each time you move the slider with this option the analysis will re-run.

Another option would be to set a predefined set of segments for the beam and cycle through the results of these points (without requiring the solver to rerun at each point parameter change).

Hopefully this helps. If you get stuck please share a script and we can help further.