Checking Geometry Whether Its Fit or Not

Hey guys!

I was wondering if I could ask here about geometry/brep for energy simulation. So how can we check our geometry, for each zone or polysurfaces we made, is already fit/pass each other? Like example in here,

This example, a geometry for one floor, each zone or polysurfaces are fit together, so theres no overlapping or so forth.


And heres an example for overlapping zones. Maybe, at a certain point, I accidently cross or made a wrong move.

So basically, I want to make sure that all my geometry, zones or polysurfaces are connect each other and fit one to another. And not overlapping like in the example above. I found in the internet theres a command called ShowEdges, but I dont see that helped me. And also try run a basic simulation, if its running successfully without an error, meaning theres no problem with our geometry.


Hello - se if Clash helps at all, and Intersect will find curves of intersection between objects - if they touch you should get curves, so inspect carefully.


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Thanks! These command could give me a guide not to messed up the whole thing. Because I need to create a big building geometry with over 20 floors. Thanks @pascal ! I really appreciate it