Checking for copied geometries among many files

Hello. I teach a Computer Applications in Architecture course where students learn, among other things, to use Rhino for architectural modelling.

What I want to know is if there is a way to check automatically (via script/programming) if a student simply copied another students work.

Is there something like an identity property that also gets copied when a certain object is copied over to another file?

The way I’m thinking about it is to make a script that opens every file in a directory (containing student submissions) and creating a database of object IDs. Against such database, one can check for duplicates.

Is this achievable? what are the drawbacks?

Hi @adel.albloushi,

You might have a look at the CommandTracker plug-in, which is available via Rhino’s PackageManager command.

It keeps track of the commands users run when creating and editing models. You can use it’s CommandTracker command to print out a log of the commands that were used.

Perhaps this helps?

– Dale