Checking closed solids

I am attempting to check all extrudes volumes are closed solids. I will select an entire volume and use the command cap, but it will either say: unable to cap objects. opening did not have closed planar loops of edges. But when I go to join, it will not let me select anything. Or it will say objects closed prior to starting, but individual aspects of the volume are still able to be selected, so I don’t believe the volume is a closed solid.

If you check the volume of an object, then you will know if it’s a solid.


right, but if it states the solid is open, not closed, how can I close it in the cleanest way possible? Because the cap command doesn’t work

That depends on HOW it is open. Glitch? one “side” missing? etc. Show an example object which isn’t closed which you think should be closed. Upload file with example.

// Rolf

Surfaces may be joined together but this does not mean that all the seams between them are closed. For example: surface A may connect to surface B ,which connects to surface C, but Surface C may not be connected to A. Or part of A is connected to B but there is still an open seam between A and B that is not within tolerance.

To close the surfaces you first need to find out where they are open. So you need to find what are called “naked edges”… To get there using menus you go to Analyze/Edge Tools/Show Edges. Check the box next to “Naked Edges” and you will see were the work has to be done.

Closing naked edges effectively depends on bringing them within the tolerance of your file. Exactly how to do this depends on many factors and as Rolf suggests you should post the file to get more help.

Hello- SelClosedPolysrf/SelOpenPolysrf will help identify these, but fixing open ones will need a look at each to see where itis open.