Checkin and checkout of a single licence between pc

Hi to all, I am a newbe in the ZOO management and excuse me if my question is really basic, but I cannot find if ZOO is the answer to my need.
I have a licence of Rhino 5 on a desktop pc Win 7 32bit and sometimes I need to work with a notebool Win 8.1 64bit.
There is no net workgroup, only internet connection between the two pc.
Is possible with ZOO to tranfer temporarly my licence to the notebook?
If yes, where can I find a tutorial or a guide to make it?
Many thanks in advance,

If it’s only you that’s using the two machines and you only use one at a time, none of that is necessary. Just install the same license on both machines (this is allowed by the EULA). No need for the Zoo or checkout/check-in of licenses.

HTH, --Mitch

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