Checkerboard texture mapping display mode


Is it possible to display all objects with texture mapping using for example checker board texture?

Just to visually inspect the model globally in terms of texture mapping.


Hi Ivan,

How a bout creating a displaymode with a custom material.

However specific mapping per material texture will not be visible


That probably wont do the job.

I am preparing big arch model which only deals with geometry and assigning color materials to objects (with texture mapping set correctly) for distinction. It is then detailed further in Lumion.

My job is this:
1prepare geometry and objects division
2apply just color materials for distinction
3set texture mapping

Out of these three tasks i cannot easily inspect the last one.
I think this would be really useful to just simple select display mode which would only display texture mapping. It could be new one amongst rendered shaded artctic etc. It would be called “texture mapping” with basic checkerboard sized 1m x 1m or according to basic settings, multiplication of basic units …

Oh sorry, that actually probably will do the job :slight_smile:
Only thing as you say is that material specific texture adjustments wont be captured but that is not my problem because i assume every texture is in same resolution/real units