Check_ not valid?

I dont know if the link will work but when I’m trying to booleanunion the parts and then I do Check it says not valid

Hello - please post a file with the input objects before the Boolean operation. From here, your link above does not work…



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Im trying to upload the file but it loads to 100 and then nothing happen

Hello - please SaveSmall, Zip, and post to to my (Pascal) attention.



Hello - - try this:

  1. SelBadObjects.
  2. Invert Hide
  3. ExtractBadSrf
    You’ll see where the problem is - you can fix it up by re-trimming the relevant surfaces by hand…
  • Delete the surface that looks like a circle.
  • Untrim the conical surface.
  • ExtractSrf the outer surface and the small cylinder.
  • Untrim the hole in the outer surface
  • ExtendSrf the cone a little.
  • Use all of these surfaces to trim things back to the correct arrangement.

highwayringunboolean_PG.3dm (700.5 KB)


the left one failing when I do booleanunion, the rest booleanunion just fine

Hello - you do not say what you are unioning to what - here, if I replace the bad object in your file with my repaired version, all the ring parts can be Unioned into one.


I do wanna union all the pieces into one piece and when I do so, it gets not valid

thank you got it.
really helped me :slight_smile: