Check if the _notes dialogBox is hide or visible

Hi all,

is there any way to check the status from the _notes Window (hide or visible)


I don’t know of a way of checking to see if it is open or not. But you can force it open or closed by running the scripted version of the command (e.g. _-Notes).

Hi Dale,
I use already the scripded version of the command in my scripts.
Is it possible, to have an access to the command Line to check how is the value from the options, or is it possible to extrakt the substring? (e.g. “Sichtbar=Nein”)


If you are using RhinoScript, you can use this:

Hi Dale,

thank’s for the hint. This works fine.

Dim strout
strout = "_-notes !"
Rhino.Command strout, True

Dim strCommandHistory
strCommandHistory = Rhino.CommandHistory()

Dim strNotesOptions
strNotesOptions = right(strCommandHistory, 89)

Dim intHide
intHide = instr(strNotesOptions, "Sichtbar=Nein")

If intHide > 0 Then
	rhino.MessageBox "notes window is hidden",, "m7_Scripts"
	rhino.MessageBox "notes window is visible",, "m7_Scripts"
End If