Check if object is clipped?

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How to check if the Rhino object is clipped?


Hi @Dmitriy,

I don’t believe there is an API for this. Correct me if I’m wrong @stevebaer.

Why is this needed?

— Dale

What does “clipped” specifically mean?

Probably by clipping plane?

Yes, “clipped” here means status of the object in relation to Clipping Planes.
I would imagine it could have 3 states: Partly Clipped (one or more clipping planes intersect object), Fully Clipped (Not visible due to one or more clipping planes) and Not Clipped - fully visible after all clipping planes are applied.

Thanks @dale
I would like to draw some objects within custom conduit, depending if object “Clipped” or not.

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I cannot find related APIs in Rhino’s C SDK. So it probably requires a big feature addition.

You can use the plane’s distance to boundingbox function to determine how a plane interacts with an object.

If you are in a display conduit, the display code should do the clipping for you.