Check if mesh is valid or not

is there any way supported by ShapeDiver for checking if a mesh is valid or not such as with the Rhino “Check” command or something similar?
I know that in Grasshopper it is useful the Intralattice Mesh Report command with a panel for the output, but I think that it is not supported by Shapediver.
I’d like to generate a report file containing, for example, the following general information about the mesh, to know if it will be 3D printable:

Pretty much all of this information should be accessible through a script, depending on what you need to know exactly. Find below a definition with a script that outputs some elements of analysis. (41.9 KB)

Alternatively, you could use Peacock (supported on ShapeDiver) and its component “Mesh Topology” which outputs more detailed information (naked faces and vertices for example).

Thank you Mathieu