Check Automation and Installation of SDK

I have create a first Plugin for Rhino with C++ / MFC and i can successfull run it from our software via COM.
Mainly i have used the cpp-example “SampleAutomation” and “SampleAutomationClient”. Nevertheless i have some questions:

  1. I only want to Run the Plugin if Rhino is finally started, can i check it?
    If i run the plugin like in the sample, Rhino is started.
    Currently i check “if( RhinoApp().IsAutomated() )” after Plugin is loaded.
    Is this OK, or is there any faster way?

  2. For installation i have some issues:
    VS 2019 was installed, but when i run install of SDK 6, i have got the message “Install of VS 2017 is needed”. Why?

  3. For testing purposes i am installing (updating) our RhinoPlugin with the *.rhi which i run:

  • is it possible to run it silent ?
  • can i run it at runtime of Rhino ? - if not, how can i install a missing plugin, if Rhino is runing to ensure our plugin can be used

Kind regards,

I’m not sure what you’re asking for here. Are you starting Rhino from external code, or wanting to know when Rhino starts from within your plugin?

Yes. Details are here: Installing RHI Files for All Users [McNeel Wiki]