Charting, Scatterplot module or even a custom viewport window

Looking for a free more advanced charting module that will allow me to set x/y axis and other parameters.
Not finding what I am looking for. Suggestions welcome

There is no info about this or where to d/l etc

I am trying to do a scatter plot

The viewport has a model in it, Is there a way to draw in a custom viewport window perhaps

Conduit maybe?? (Never used it myself)

Thank you. Yes I tested that package. An interesting overlay on the primary window of all viewports, but it wont draw geometry other than lines and without a lot of work wont draw an x/y scattergraph.
Same problem with Parrot. Mandrill appears to have the same limitations but with no example files or manual. Parrot opens a nice child window to draw in tho.

I only need 2D but 3D options would be great, just not in the space with the model