Charging Time Lag Model - Shapediver

In the last two weeks we have experienced a high lag charging model time from shapediver, Can this be a server problem?

We haven’t experienced any difficulties with our infrastructure recently. Could you post a link to the model? We can then investigate if there is something suspicious.

This is one of the models:

  1. Open Block-STEP2 - ShapeDiver
  2. it also should work here also: Rea

We haven’t found anything slowing down your model on our side. However, it is a complex model so it might hit the computation time limit in some cases. I also noticed that some parameter combinations give the “Maximum allowed size of outputs was exceeded.” which means that your definition produces more geometry that the display outputs allow, read more in the Documentation.

You can attach transformations to repetitive objects and optimise meshes to improve the performance. See following tutorials for more:

Thank you Pavol! we will have to find a way to make it lighter