Character Sequence CharSeq is there a way of creating ABC, DEF etc... instead of AAA, BBB etc

Hi guys,

Is there a way of using the Format in CharSeq to create ABC, DEF, GHI etc… instead of AAA, BBB, CCC etc… on points?

I’ve been playing about with the {0}{0}{0} and changing them to all different things, but I’m only getting errors.

Why don’t you just use Partition Listinstead?

Thanks HS_Kim! The master of grasshopper gave me an answer. :slight_smile:

I’m one of the many just learning and lots of your previous posts helping people have helped me improve my knowledge when searching.

I think McNeel needs to pay you to give an informative example of how the components work in the uninformative Grasshopper Github. :slight_smile:

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