Chaos Group VRScan rendering in Vray as pitch black

Simpler objects seem to render just fine.
Is my model too complicated to render? Too messy?
Any help would be great!


Material Renders Black.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi Redjester,
Is your VRscans licence valid? (Mine’s not.) However, you haven’t set texture mapping. Cubic is often enough for simpler materials and objects.

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It’s a 1-month trial, so it should be valid. I’ve also tested that specific vrscan on a cube and it worked fine. And the other two, simpler, vrscans I’ve downloaded work, which makes me think it’s likely the model, itself, perhaps mixed with the complexity of the glossy oak wood vrscan.

I’ll try texture mapping now and see if that makes any semblance of a difference.

Also, VRscans don’t work yet in GPU mode

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