Chaning title bar icon for Rhino Python Editor in SR9


This may sound a bit odd, but I wanted to comment on this for some time. With the version SR9 closing in, this might be an appropriate time.
Could we change the title bar icon at Rhino Python Editor?

The current one uses some sort of brass color and a darker blue, instead of an original Python logo colors:

Also the icons next to , rhinoscriptsyntax, scriptcontex, Rhino are of a bad quality.

Could we use something like this instead (16x16):

python_ico.rar (773 Bytes)

Thank you.

(Steve Baer) #2

Sorry, but not for SR9. This type of work can be addressed in V6 though it is gong to be pretty low on the todo list compared to all of the other tasks that we could take on.

(Wim Dekeyser) #3

Show us the list and we’ll help you prioritize…:slight_smile:

Kidding aside, it’s a “thingy” that frequently leads to uncertainty and unnecessary checking named views. I would like to see it brought to the upper most part of the list for v6 - taking into account also that it has been on the list since before v1.

(Steve Baer) #4

Actually showing you the “list” is on my “list” is has a high priority :). There are still some bugs in the system that are blocking this that I need to work out.


Hi @stevebaer,

I am wondering why did Rhino WIP keep the old Rhino Python Editor title bar icon from Rhino 5? I can see it’s a bit smaller, but still the colors are very similar.

Why can’t we have the actual colored Python icon?

(Steve Baer) #6

Here is our issue tracker for this item


Thank you Steve!

(Dale Fugier) #8

Does the attached suffice?

– Dale


It does.

(Brian Gillespie) #10

This is fixed in Rhino WIP 6.0.16306.09301, just released.