Changing viewport proportions

I am trying to prepare my viewport for a Make2D of my model in a perspctive view.
I am happy with my my viewpoint and the angle.
But I would like to make the viewport more vertical (to get more sky and floor in my viewport).
When I change the viewport proportions it automatically cuts the sides of the view and I have to “step back” to get everything in my field of vision again, this of course messes up the whole composition.

Is there a way to change the vertical dimension of a viewport with the rest of the image staying exactly the same?

Hi Jonathan - see if saving and restoring a named view (NamedView command) does anything good here.


Hi Jonathan,

I would suggest these steps:

  1. Save your NamedView (per Pascal’s suggestion)
  2. Change CPlane to View and draw a horizontal line or rectangle ‘touching’ both sides of your vport
  3. Restore Previous CPlane
  4. Resize you vport to whatever proportions you need
  5. Restore previously saved NamedView
  6. Use Shift+Alt+Ctrl+RMB-drag to change camera lens until the line you drew before is again ‘touching’ the sides of the vport. This will not change the camera or target position - view will be the same with more content top/bottom.

The above could be automated via scripting (and less eye-balling) but don’t have time to make it at the moment…



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Hi Pascal
Unfortunately this is not working. Also when I restore the viewport, the bottom and top border of the view seem to be fixed whereas the left and right borders vary according to the viewport proportion.

Hello Jarek
This seems to work! Thanks a lot!

I didn’t know the Shift+Alt+Ctrl+RMB-drag.

Great. The key combo is an equivalent of the _ZoomLens command to dynamically adjust camera lens.