Changing seasons isn't working

I have set the render option of the trees to “Winter” with a foliage density of “0”, but even turning the global season to “Winter” doesn’t get rid of the foliage on the trees. What am I doing wrong?
I’m also completely missing the option to ignore the global season as was suggested [here]
(How to change seasons?).

Using Rhino 7 and the trial version of Lands Design version

Hello @nvictoria,

It looks like the “ignore global season” option is not working fine. I have just reported the issue and I will keep you updated about it.

Which species are you using in your model?

Thank you! I’m missing that option entirely, though, or is that what you mean?

I’m using a multitude of different species, like Chestnut, Ash, Littleleaf Linden… But besides one evergreen one they all have the leaf type set to “Deciduous”.

Hello @nvictoria,

To have this option available you need to enable the “generate very detailed plants for the render” option, which you will see in the Render tab if you don’t have any object selected.

Sorry about my last post, I was wrong, this feature is working fine but the result is only visible when you render the scene.

Thanks for getting back to me! I have this option selected, but there is still no box to tick/untick for ignoring global season. Or does this option automatically imply that global season is ignored?

I understand, so there is no way to display the geometry without foliage? The reason I need this is to conduct two separate solar radiation analyses with Ladybug, as the foliage would provide more shade in the summer and let more light through in the winter.

Hello @nvictoria,

This option should be available when you select a plant, isn’t it there?

Global season ignored

Yes, you can change the global season in order to display the geometry without foliage in your 3D model.