Changing point style of a UserObject's output points

How would I go about changing the point style or color of the points outputted by my UserObjects in Grasshopper? Is this possible to do using GhPython?

Theoretically, I’d like to restrict it to the outputs of only one or two components (so that the user knows right away that these points are generated by these components). I’m aware of the Point Styles enumeration in RhinoCommon Display, but am not sure of how to implement changing the point style using GhPython or if it is possible with a UserObject. Any help or hints are much appreciated.

This might be of help after it gets answered.

And here you can see how to get the UserObject key and value inside grasshopper.

Hmm, sort of relevant but I’m looking more along the lines of this post:

However, I’d like to limit it to the output of a specific component (in Python). I’m trying to translate it over from VB but I think I’m missing some integral bit. Is it possible to do this in Rhino 5?