Changing only the seeds in an array

It’s possible to change only the seed in an array of an algorithm? I mean, I would like to repeat the same definition where there is the possibility to change one seed and change only it into the array.

probably yes, best way is to attach the GH definition with internalized geometries

Can’t understand your question.

As already suggested, attaching a GH definition or a picture could help to understand what you are trying to do.

Edit → see here for more info.:


I would like to replicate with the array the result I can obtain with multiple copies where I can change the random seeds.
Array with (16.0 KB)

Array with (11.3 KB)

Hi Joseph!
This is similar to my solution, moving a copy of the line. I would like to use different seeds inside the array (if possible)

All elements of an array are identical. You can create an array of lines, for example, instead of moving a line as I did. Each line can have it’s own seed as I demonstrated above. A separate Random component can be used to generate a list of seeds instead of using sliders.

P.S. Like this:

Array with (10.3 KB)

Perfect! Thanks, Joseph! :+1: