Changing objects layer without changing color

Hi, I have a few objects in different layers with different colors. Now, I would like to take all the items in a single layer without changing the color of the objects. For example in the case of the attached picture, when I take the objects using the “change object layer” command, the individual object colors go away; it becomes black (gets the color of the assigned layer). But I would like to keep the color unchanged when I change the layers of objects. Could you please help me?

Hi - you can change the display color for any object in the properties panel so that it becomes independent on the layer color.

Yeah, I know that but when I assign the objects in another layer, the problem occurs. For example, I have objects 1, 2, 3 in layers A, B, C with red, yellow, green color. Now when I take all the objects in layer D, all objects become Black.

Here is a small script which will take the object’s current color - whether the object takes its color from the layer or not - and assign it directly to the object. Then if you change the object layer, the object color will stay as before. Does not work on blocks. (561 Bytes)