Changing multiple layer states

Hi guys, just logging problems I’ve had switching from Rhino 4 PC to Rhino 5 OSX. So these are wishlist items if they’re not already implemented, or deserving of thanks if there’s an easy solution I just missed because of unfamiliarity.

Item 2 - changing multiple layer states. In Rhino 4 you could select a set of layers and change all of their colors (or on/off status; though for some reason it didn’t work with render materials) simultaneously. Right now in 5, when I select a large group of layers and click them off, or change a color, it changes only the one I’ve clicked on. Possible to bring that back? or of course happy to hear if I’ve just missed something!

Most of the behavior of the layer panel is decided by the Apple frameworks. This particular feature, changing the state of a number of buttons in the same column by clicking a single button, is not supported.

Ouch, thanks, good to know. I’m guessing Apple’s much less responsive than you guys are but I’ll bring it up while I’m poking them for these:

  1. fix the type-in values for the color picker,
  2. make document names editable in the Open dialog,
  3. bring back SaveAs, and
  4. let you know which file is newer and larger when you’re overwriting,

ha. And plugging for VRay and Grasshopper to get up to speed for Mac. I know it’s funny to phrase this email similarly to “do you need anything from the store?”, but happy to pass on any other requests too, ha.

Talk to Apple. 8^) It’s their color picker.

See previous answer. 8^) It’s Apple’s dialog.

See previous answer. 8^) It’s Apple’s dialog.

Ah, yes, sorry, that’s what I meant - that was my list of things to bug Apple about. Was hoping they’d just say “OK” and introduce it as OS 11.0 but somehow no luck, ha.

the color picker is Apple’s code, but there is a way to get the type-in values to work for you. Not sure how you’re currently getting the picker’s color changes, but both:



- (void)changeColor:(id)sender

return changes in the color picker made by typing in values. though changeColor only returns the change after the user has hit the tab key or otherwise changed the the firstResponder.