Changing hatch properties in a macro

I’m trying to create a button that makes 3 different hatched sections of 1 object. The hatch pattern, rotation & scale need to be different for each section. What I currently have for one of the sections is ->

-SetActiveViewport Front
-Layer _current 2D_Docs::Overview::o3D-data::o3D-gripBsec enter enter
-sellayer Solids::Grip
_section 0 100,0 _ExtendSection=Yes JoinCurves=BySectionPlane enter
-Hatch Boundary=No Pattern=Hatch2 Rotation=45 Scale=7 enter enter
-Layer _current _scratch enter

It is working as expected except for setting the hatch properties. Currently the properties remain set to the last command line setting. Something is wrong with the syntax I’m sure. What am I missing?


Hi Robb - try:

-Hatch Boundary=No Pattern “Hatch2” Rotation=45 Scale=7 enter enter

i.e. “pattern=” does not work… not saying it should not but it does not now.


That works perfectly, I now have my 3 different sections and hatches. Currently the hatch line reads ->

-Hatch enter P “Hatch3” Rotation=65 Scale=3 enter enter

Thanks! Happy New Year - be well.