Changing dim style to imperial sees no inch decimal only inch fractions

I wish to see my mm dims as inches such as 1.25 not 1 1/4, I go to properties, select annotations and millimetres large, (style I am using) select from choice of

feet and inches

well I certainly dont want fractions so select feet and inches

but 12mm becomes 0 1/2" not 0.47"

also worryingly and no use whatsoever, my 70mm became 3" and not 2.755"

as such these dims are no use whatsoever.

Where does one get it to show inches decimal.

I did then try for property >units > inches > decimal and scale yes, and the dimensions smothered my item.

I am still unable to grasp changing from mm to inches. and importantly back to mm.

There is nothing on this in Levels 1 or 2 !

I have dims which are a mix of inch and mm, so I need to toggle between working with mm and working with inches.
Both in terms of the display and also the inputting of numbers.

what are the exact steps to get the drawing to go from showing mm to showing inches as decimal, and to have 70mm show as 2.755" ?

Also what are the exact steps to get the drawing to go from showing mm to showing inches as fractions, and to have 70mm show as 2 3/4" ?

Each time without making the item smaller in reality, ie it would still mill from mdf or foam the same size.

and also to not have the dimensions smother the item like leaves hiding a tree !


i’ve never seen decimal feet&inches before. ie- 3’ - 4.25"
that would always be either 3’ - 4 1/4" -or- 40.25" (or 40 1/4")
…so a feet&inches setting with decimal inches doesn’t seem to be the right solution.

that said, i do understand the problem you’re having… i don’t think there’s a simple setting which allows you to dimension a metric drawing in decimal inches… you’d have to switch the model space to inches

maybe explore the ‘Format’ section of dimension settings for a solution… using Alternate Text with a length factor of .0394 ,i’m able to get decimal inches in a mm template.

(screenshot from mac)

alternatively, you could change the Primary text section to length factor .0394 so you’ll get only dimensions in decimal inches as opposed to both as shown in my example… then switch between this custom dimension style and your normal one depending on if you want to do a particular dimension in metric or inches.


I am happy to see just inches as decimal 40.25" is good for me.
Does that open any doors ?

I have created three dim styles and used the 0.03937 factor (1/25.4) clever stuff. didnt know what that factor did.
Millimetre Large
Millimetre large Inches
Millimetre Large mm/inch using the alternate text method and "] suffix.

I select whichever style I wish, so where there is no room for both mm/inches I choose just the Inches.

How should I enter a figure in command line, either to create a new dimension of e.g. 2.75inches or e.g. R1.5,2.75inches if using this method of dimension display ?

It also just remains for me to find out just how one alters project units to inches, should I wish to instead do so and importantly stop the dimensions from smothering the item. item to remain same size.


Document Properties > Units > Model Units > Inches

What does that mean?

when you change the Units of a model, choose do not scale …if you scale it, the size of the object itself will change… for instance, a 5" x 10" rectangle will become a 5mm x 10mm rectangle if you scale… the object gets much smaller while the dimensions stay the same size which may lead to what i assume you mean by smothering…

whereas i believe you’d like to simply change the units without altering size? 5" x 10" rectangle stays that size but feedback is now in metric? 127mm x 254mm
if so, don’t scale when changing units

new project ‘large-inches’,
create an elipical section tank about 63 inches wide, thats 1600mm as measured on site, by typing 1600mm and hitting enter , dimension line added says 62.99 so all is well.
Finish off the item and calculate volume in cubic inches and its as expected when converted to gallons.

I then need to draw something and the paper plan I am now working to is marked in mm.

I go properties units and choose millimetres,
say NO to scaling ,
and draw a box using relative command R760,240
and it comes out 12 times wider than the 1600mm tank. !:scream:

I place a dimension across it and get 760

So its what ? 760 inches wide ?, or is the tank now 63mm wide ?


say YES to scaling.

otherwise, the numerical value will stay the same while only the base unit changes… or, if your original template was inches and you drew something 63 inches wide, then changed the unit to mm without scaling, the object would now be 63mm wide… if you scaled it, it would be 1600mm wide.

A factor of 12 suggests that units of feet are involved.

i think it’s just coincidence that the factor is 12 as opposed to being related to 12 inches.
• steve made an object 63 inches wide.
• changed units to mm without scaling. (so the object is now 63mm wide)
• drew a new object that’s 760mm wide.

63mm * 12 = 756mm