Changing c plane during dimension command

in Rhino5, when running the linear dimension command in perspective view, we were able to change the cplane orientation and the linear dimension would auto update.

now in R6, rhino allows us to change the cplane during the linear dimension command, but the linear dimension does not auto update. to update the linear dimension, we need to end the dimension command, and restart it.

Is this intentional, a box i need to check, or is it something that has been lost in R6?

Many thanks,


Hi John - I believe this works… at least it seems to here. If I make a box, snap to a corner in Top and then switch to Front for the next point and Right for the next it all follows along as I expect. It WAS broken in some cases several SRs ago - maybe there is a case we missed.

@john11 - here’s what I see - simple case - do you get this?


hi Pascal,

Thanks for coming back to me.

in the attached video, I’m having to end the linear dimension command, and then re-start it to make the dimension show in relation to the cplane. this wasn’t necessary in R5.

I hope that’s clear.



Hi John - I see now, for the third point - got it, thanks.


Thanks Pascal.